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RANZIX Electric Compressor Pump High Pressure Air Pump 30 Mpa 1800 W High Pressure Air Compressor PCP Airgun Air Pump 220 V High Pressure Air Pump Air Compressor
  • Max. Pressure: 4500psi/30MPa;Available capacity:0-6.8L;Pressure resistance process:0-30MPA;Working pressure: 0-30MPA
  • Inflating speed: 2800r/min; power: 1800W; upper gas speed: 6.8l (45 min); 0.5l (5 min); 0.45l (4min); 0.35l (3: 40min).
  • The air rifle compressor must work with oil, so you must pay attention to the oil level.
  • Suitable for pre-loaded pneumatic (PCP) air rifles, pistols, rifles, propulsive air cylinders, airbags, PCP cylinders, fire control, air soft, paintball, detection of leaks, pressure-proof test, car tyres, etc.
  • Please add the oil before use (ordinary diesel oil, engine oil). Please replace the breathing nozzle before using the device ​
RANZIX Saw Blade Sharpener Sharpener Sharpening Machine Circular Saw Blade with Wheel Saw Blades, Round Saw Blade Sharpening Table Mount 80 mm - 700 mm 250 W
  • Feed wheel of the X axis, stable and very sharp grinding. The machine structure is strong and it can work with maximum diameter Φ700mm.
  • The specially equipped motor has a very good running speed, which can work very well with the diamond grinding wheel.
  • This machine is designed for sharpening various types of carbide tipped saw blades from sizes 80 mm to 700 mm.
  • Also suitable for sanding other material such as plastic, wood, aluminum alloy for various purposes such as furniture making, decoration, etc.
  • Steel Chassis Construction Grinding wheel angle control with large aluminium knob. Rotation angle marker.
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